About Us

A Sound Choice for Better Hearing

A Patient-Centered Approach

Our audiologists aim to keep the hearing loss in perspective of the patient's life experiences, keeping in mind any other health issues and lifestyle. We treat each patient as an individual with unique communication needs. Our fitting approach is based on where the patient is in this moment and what it will take to move forward. The goal for all patients is to communicate more effectively.

As an independent company, Sound Choice utilizes a variety of the world's finest hearing aid manufacturers, ensuring that our patients have access to the most suitable hearing aid. These working relationships are based on years of experience.


We Practice with Physicians

We practice alongside the physicians of North Shore Ear, Nose & Throat Associates. When hearing rehabilitation requires medical or surgical intervention, our patients have the opportunity for timely consultation with board-certified otolaryngologists. In addition to hearing-related conditions, the physicians we associate with specialize in nasal/sinus disease, allergies, snoring/sleep apnea, voice/speech/swallowing problems, head and neck cancer, and facial plastic and cosmetic surgery. You can visit their website at http://nsenta.com

Services available to your patients:

  • Diagnostic audiometry (using standardized calibrated equipment) is measured in a professional sound booth.
  • Hearing aids (full services including all types of hearing aids at reasonable costs to your patients).
  • Assistive listening devices (when hearing aids aren't enough or the patient opts not to pursue personal amplification).